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    Waiting to board the USS Austin

    I deployed to Iraq in Novemeber 2005 to May 2006 as part of the 22nd MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) in support of OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom).  The MEU is a self sustainable unit consisting of air and ground assets, a support group, and of course ...
    Anon_thumb Fascinating and well written. All I can say is that I want to hear more.
    Anon_thumb This is an amazing page. Very well put together. I love the music!! Thank you for your service and for sharing your experience with us!
    This page is so awesome. I am so proud of you, Jason. As your little sister I always joke that you are a tough act to follow---sometimes I feel like those dancing monkeys that had to follow the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. But truly, I could not be prouder of you and I hope that everyone who views this page will feel the same way and remember to thank a troop.
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    My sister did the sweetest thing and had Randall sign a jersey and send it to me for my efforts in Iraq.  We then sent him this picture illustrating my infactuation....or obsession if you'd rather

    Check out the Filmography and Video Museum links for more classic footage!  
    Maybe Randall should come out of retirement and take over for McNabb? At least that way the Eagles might make the playoffs!
    Anon_thumb Jay,Best video ever! old school gang-green...best memories. Speaking of great memories, how about me, you and kleinbud camping in the woods.How is everything going dude? We should get caught up. I heard things are going really well for you bro. Congrats on your lady.... Lets get together soon. -E
    Anon_thumb Awesome video! Randall was certainly an amazing quarterback for the EAGLES! I also love that first play on the video!
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    the ferry leaves from High St & The Renaissance on the :00 & :30 in route to Norfolk & returns to Portsmouth on the :15 & :45.
    view of the Renaissance from the Norfolk waterfront.  We have reserved a block of 20 rooms for $109-$119. Phone 1-757-673-3000
    Make sure to subscribe to this page to be alerted to updates.  The planning phase has officially become reality so please check back routinely.    Ceremony:   The ceremony will be held at Saint Paul's Catholic Church , 518 High St, Po ...
    Anon_thumb I'm looking forward to your wedding! Congrats to you both- I'm very happy that you found each other! -Margie
    Looks like it will be an awesome day! Congrats!!
    Anon_thumb Cute pictures. Cute couple. -Lisa, your cute sister
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    Barack Obama
    Cover of Time Magazine<br />&quot;Why Barack Obama Could Be The Next President&quot;
    Barack Obama is creating a ground swell for the Democratic party that it hasn't seen in years.  His political views and background ranges from ordinary to extraordinary.  Most extraordinary of all is his momentum after winning the Iowa caucuses d ...
    Besides being a great speaker and orator , his career includes no significant accomplishments. He was elected to the US Senate only two years ago, after his Republican opponent’s campaign imploded in a sex scandal and the GOP could not find a credible replacement. Seems to me whenever I ask someone who is backing Obama 100% what his accomplishments are - I hear nothing but crickets.
    Anon_thumb Thanks for writing all of Obama's viewpoints in a clear and easy to follow format. I enjoy learning more about the candidates positions.
    Anon_thumb After having read Obama described as "a great speaker and orator" in these comments, I wonder if I am alone in finding him rather ineloquent and inarticulate? Then again, I suppose the same could be said of most politicians in the context of a representative democracy, as they must pander to the masses.
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    Japan in the Headlines

    In the midst of the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake in mainland Japan and the subsequent nuclear reactor leaks, our baby girl was born.   Rose Marie was born on Tuesday morning 15 March at 0630 (that is Japan time by the way which would've been o ...
    "A ROSE by any other name would smell as sweet." That's Bill Shakespeare. Thanks for the great post, Jason! You've got a good lookin' family. :)
    Anon_thumb Rosebud! Congratulations Jason and Meg. Rose is a real cutie. Ron
    Bill Shakespeare also said..."beware the ide's of March"...Rose was born on the ides!
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    Matt, Christy, and the Kids
    Matt and Dave
      Thanks to everyone for coming.  Matt had a great time.  I am still waiting on whether or not we will get back the deposit on the house.  As things change, I'll let everyone know.  Otherwise, I don't plan on changing this page too much.   ...
    I think i did a fishing expedition in AC for someones bachelor party. It was in April too, and suprisingly we caught a lot of fish that day! So good luck & try not to hook anyone's ear!
    Anon_thumb Great page! I love all the pictures. Congrats to Christie and Matt. I'm looking forward to attending your wedding and meeting your kids. They look really cute. Anyway, what a good idea to plan an event on IG! I hope guys have fun! Actually, I know you will, so I hope you guys don't do anything too stupid!! LOL
    Anon_thumb Good stuff man - tres professional. I'll be in touch and I have spoken with Costa - he is down for this date as well.
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    Here is the link to one of my favorite websites: www.upperdeckkids.com   It is a wonderful website for collecting sports cards if that is your hobby. All you have to do is first register for a account on the website and then enter codes. You w ...
    I remember when upper deck first came out. Everyone wanted Ken Griffey Jr's rookie card.
    Anon_thumb Yes, I am so glad I moved up to 13th place in the leaderboard in the whole world! I also now have over 700,000 points!
    Anon_thumb I just moved up to 10th place now.
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    "My Vietnam, Your Iraq" is the title of an upcoming documentary by independent filmmaker Ron Osgood. The film documents the stories of war veteran familes, specifically the experiences of parents who went to Vietnam and their children who were deplo ...
    Anon_thumb Very interesting & professional video. I'm hoping that you will post more when you have time. I'm so happy that you and your Dad are home and I thank you both for your service.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Service. I can't tell you how much it means to me. America is the great country that it is because of people like you.
    looks like a great movie!
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    This is the Cullen sons and Jacob Black werewolf!
    Taylor Lautner IS  the uber sexy Jacob Black!!!!!
    Yes, I'm just another one of those CRAZY Twilight fan girls who loves the merchandise as well as the movie! Ome, Robert Pattinson was the best Edward while Taylor Lautner was SOOO KUTE playing Jacob! I can't wait to see New Moon coming out November 2 ...
    OMG i love twilight i read a lil bit of midnight sun on the internet but i reallly wish the book was out i hope there gona make another one that goes after breaking dawn like a sequence
    Anon_thumb Who doesn't luv Twilight? Someone who's been living under a rock for the last 5 years that's who.
    Anon_thumb Leave my BFF coments peoples!!!
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    This page is dedicated to all who face the challenge of gluten free living.  There are tasty alternatives to the traditional gluten containing foods you usually eat.  Remember that your eating habits are learned behavior, and you can retrain you ...
    Great information! Thanks for sharing. Making a lifestyle change can be very challenging - but also very necessary for your long term and short term health.
    Anon_thumb This is exactly what I'm looking for! I can't wait to read your list of good gluten free food. One thing I want to know is what is safe at fast food places and pit stops like Wawa when your on the road. THANK YOU for your help!
    Anon_thumb where is all the information at?
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    James Mercer Langston Huhges was born February 1st 1902 in Joplin, Missouri. He was the second child of Carrie Mercer Langston and James Nathaniel Langston. Both of his parents were mixed races. And he didn't have a good relationship with hsi father ...
    this page is stellar
    Anon_thumb this is the jankinist awesome page!!!!
    this page is SUPER-DUPER
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    Verizon Actiontec MI424WR Firmware Restore Screen
    Verizon Actiontec MI424WR Firmware Upgrade Screen
    (24 Jan 2008) Automatically Updated Firmware Breaks Static DHCP I've been using static DHCP from an Actiontec MI424WR wireless broadband router, provided "free" with my Verizon FiOS Internet service, to assign IP addresses on my home network.  E ...
    Anon_thumb wow. almost in september and no resolution from verizon - buggy firmware still the latest. boo! you may want to block incoming port 4567 to disable the phantom upgrade. i've been using firmware and firmware hasn't magically upgraded for months.
    Anon_thumb this firmware has many many issues with NAT as i'm sure anyone can see by checking the firewall log, i called Actiontec and they assured me they had fixed the issue and released to the code to Verizon, but Verizon has yet to release the code on their end.
    Anon_thumb I hope the fix can come out soon, I keep getting "NAT Error : connection pool is full. No connection created".
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    border collie?
    In December of 2004, while I was stationed overseas in Naples, Italy, I adopted a street dog named Bella.  She had some minor health problems, in addition to being very shy and timid.  When I tried to toss a ball or toy for her she would shudder a ...
    this is the cutest, most well behaved dog i have ever met (i guess it's the italian genes). I had a small dog before that had a big attitude and he was a pain in the neck, but Bella is so affectionate, loyal and calm. I wish she did have a breed so that everyone could experience her personality. Please offer your input on her characteristics.
    Anon_thumb I my - we've got a dog that is about 40 lbs bigger but looks very much the same. She is the most well behaved dog ever, and we've wondered the same thing - border collie, australian sheperd, maybe even chow? We don't know, but she sometime acts like a sheep dog a herds children and other animals. She always sleeps at the front door, or during the day time at the front fence. Here are some photos: http://flickr.com/photos/christodd/tags/maggie
    Anon_thumb Looks to me like a Border Collie, not just the markings but the expression, too. I guess the street breeding made her smaller. She was lucky you found her, and you were lucky, too!
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      TO actually admitted to paying for Tony Romo's tickets to Mexico as an appology for calling Jessica Simpson a "distraction." I Love it!   Watch him get smacked down by George Teague below.  Gotta love that Jerry Jones....sign the guy w ...
    Anon_thumb Boy, T.O is such a wimp. He can't even take a loss!
    Yeah now he has even more reason to cry: T.O. still owes Eagles nearly $800,000
    Anon_thumb On the field, he is/was still a great receiver. I miss seeing him in Eagles green. If only he'd gotten along better with McNabb and the other parts of the Eagles organization that mattered...
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    TrackPoint caps: Soft Rim, Classic Dome, and Soft Dome
    An old-fashioned mouse
    (12 Feb 2008)   First Step: Admit the Problem  A number of different pointing devices are in use with laptops.  The touchpad  seems to be the most commonly available device on current models.  The pointing stick is somewhat less common b ...
    Anon_thumb I am too a trackpoint afficionado; I've discovered, though, that an easy way to prevent joint damage and cramps is simply to... Switch finger.
    Anon_thumb I wouldn't worry about repetitive stress injury from using any kind of pointing device -- as long as the fingers remain relaxed, there shouldn't be a problem. I'm a classical guitarist (non-professional) who flexes index finger joints daily more than most typists probably do in a week. No problems. (By the way, I love my ThinkPad T43!) Nice article. Thanks.
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